What to look for and avoid in hair products?

There is a literal flood of different products on the market today. If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, you can end up with pretty much any random type that’s out there, and even cause some pretty severe damage to your hair in the process. We don’t want that to happen to you, so I decided to write this article and give you some useful tips on how to choose and what to look for exactly.

Our hair is one of the things that hold the most of our vanity, whether we’re talking about men or women. Providing the best care possible for your hair is essential if you want that beautiful, flaunting mane. But that’s easier said than done nowadays. There are just so many products on the market, most of them containing dangerous substances, which can really do a number on your hair. I’ve spent my entire life researching them all, so it was about time I shared with you some of that knowledge.

avoid in hair products

We’re here to talk mostly about what materials you don’t want to see in your hair products, and by eliminating them, you will be left with everything else, which is entirely acceptable. I’m not going to write about the things you want to look for, as they’ll be pretty apparent after we eliminate everything that’s bad for your hair.

As far as my expertise goes, I’ve been a hairstylist my entire life. I’ve also been a judge in hairstyling competitions, so you can rest assured I have enough knowledge and experience to guide you on this journey. I’ve researched all there is about tons of different products and manufacturers, so I know what to look out for, and what’s good for your hair and scalp health in general. If I managed to convince you, you are more than welcome to read the rest of the article, and I promise I will not disappoint you. I’ll keep it short and sweet, just the way I always do.

hair products to avoid

We’ll start with this note; you should steer clear of the products that will dry out your hair. The most important thing you do for your hair, in order to keep it healthy and beautiful is keeping it hydrated. Dry hair is very prone to breaking, and it doesn’t look very flattering at all. By drying it out, you will remove that WOW factor you’re going for, ad endanger its health in the process of making it look less appealing. Sodium and sulfate combinations are the things you want to avoid here. Greasy hair is certainly not the look we are going for, but you wouldn’t use an engine degreaser to solve that problem, now would you? That’s exactly what these substances are, and they are certainly a huge overkill when it comes to getting the grease out of our hair. They can cause some serious damage to your hair, but they shouldn’t come near it in the first place. Anything used on an engine as a degreaser doesn’t have a place in you hair care cabinet!

You also absolutely don’t want anything that will cause your hair to break. Isopropyl Alcohol is what I’m talking about. Do you really want the same thing that’s used for wood polish or antifreeze coming anywhere near your hair? I didn’t think so. Hair breakage is a serious problem, especially if you like your hair very long. These chemicals will stop those efforts before you realize what hit you. People usually don’t blame their hair products for these occurrences, blaming the genetics instead. Sometimes that might well be the case, but most of the time it’s all about the hair products you’re using. So, steer clear of these alcohol chemicals, and look at your hair transforming.

I hope I was of some assistance today, be sure to let me know if I did or didn’t.

Most popular hair bun styles

Let’s talk about buns today!

There are several benefits to rolling a bun through the city, or to work, or pretty much anywhere you can think of. That’s why I made my task for today to share with you some of the most popular bun styles currently seen on movie stars and famous models on runways all over the world. It’s pretty easy hairstyle to pull off, and once you master the technique, there will be no stopping you. So, if I managed to spark your interest at least a little, you can stick around with me ‘till the end of this short article.

hair bun styles

It is my opinion that long articles tend to lose the reader along the way, so I tend to keep everything I write as short and sweet as possible. I also try to jam as much useful information as the space allows me to, making sure that you get as much knowledge for the shortest investment of your precious time. Nobody wants to be spending hours reading something that can be said in just few lines of text. You don’t need an elaborate doctorate delving into the secrets of a certain hairstyle. You only need the bare essentials, and you’ll pick up the finer points along the way, as you try it out for yourself.

Let’s talk about some advantages the bun hold over some other hairstyles you also might be interested in. First of all, it is very easy to do. It will save you time when you’re late for work, or whatever occasion we might be talking about. It will take a very small amount of your time, and that’s what makes it a favorite choice for many girls and women all around the world. Plus, being very easy to do, which means you don’t have to spend crazy amounts of time trying to perfect it, or even learn how to do it in the first place. Non-complexity is a very strong asset of this hairstyle, especially in these fast-paced times we’re all living in. So, that’s one thing going for it.

hair bun

The other factor that will definitely make you consider this hairstyle is the fact that it is very versatile. Versatility is also one of the very important things you should expect from a certain hairstyle. It will negate the need for you to learn many different hairstyles since you already know how to pull off one that can be used effectively for pretty much any occasion. It’s going to be great for your casual, everyday activities, but also for more formal occasions. You can also carry it proudly to work, no matter how formal or informal the dress code is. So, it pretty much covers every possibility, and every occasion you might find yourself in. That is another point which makes this hairstyle one of the best ever.

Third point is the fact that it never seems to get out of style. You will always be fashionable, as the bun always seems to somehow find its place among the top hairstyles for every season. It simply looks good, and its two previous factors make it an evergreen hairstyle exactly like straightening your hair with a remington hair straightener. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? It’s very easy to make, so it saves a lot of time, and it’s very easy to learn how to do. You simply can’t fail to make a perfect bun, once you’ve mastered the technique. You can always add your personal touch, once you’re sure you know what you’re doing, but the main look is always pretty much excellent. It’s also very versatile, which gives hairstylists the much needed maneuvering space. It can be used with pretty much anything when clothes are in question, and it will always look good. Not to mention that you can always throw a bunch of different ornaments into the mix, making it look completely fresh and different. It’s a hairstyle that reinvents itself over and over again.

The bun has one semi-flaw, if you want to look at it that way. The thing is it really shines only when made from long and full hair. This doesn’t mean that shorter hair can’t pull it off, but long hair is where this hairstyle truly feels at home.

Natural ways of soothing a sunburned skin

Ok, today we’re talking about sunburns and how to treat them once they happen.

Summer is a great time for pretty much anything. You can just hit the beach, and relax from your everyday’s worries like a boss. The only thing you should watch out for though is getting your skin sunburned. It’ll ruin your chances of getting a tan, and it’ll give you a hard time overall.

sunburned skin

But the most insidious thing about sunburns is the fact they can show up pretty much any time of the year, and are not at all limited to the summer. They are caused by the ultra violet rays emitted by the sun, and since the sun shines throughout the whole year… You do the math. The only reason we don’t get sunburned during other times of the year is because we go around with more clothes on. Covering huge parts of your skin will certainly help you prevent sunburns.

What happens when you expose your skin to sunlight?

It will start producing higher quantities of the pigment melanin. It’s the natural way in which our skin protects its inner layers. Melanin is the dark pigment, and since it’s being produced in higher quantity than usual, it’s only natural that we will get a darker tan than we usually have.

So, you already have a natural mechanism for sunburn prevention. There’s only one problem though. People with fairer skin tones do not produce as much melanin, and are more prone to getting their skin torched that the people with darker skin shades. So, this natural protection is not always all that effective, and nature needs help in these kinds of cases.

I’m here to give you a couple of tips, which will help you with your skin protection. We’ll give our best to get rid of the stinging, redness, and peeling of your skin altogether.

But, we’ve wasted enough time; let’s get straight to these tips of mine.

Potato paste

Potatoes are a great solution if you ever find yourself with a case of searing red skin.

Potatoes have been used throughout history as pain relievers, and are especially effective against burns, bites, minor irritations, and for soothing inflammations. Some people say that the potato juice is the way to go, while some think that slicing it into thin pieces offers the best results. You can simply experiment, and figure out what works best for you.

Baking soda/cornstarch

Silky and cool texture of the cornstarch will certainly help you battle those nasty sunburns. Plus, it’s one of those things you’ll definitely have just lying around, same as potatoes, so it won’t be any trouble to grab it and mitigate the burns.


Yup! Regular water can be essential if you just barbequed your skin. And I don’t mean putting it all over your burnt areas either. I mean you should stay hydrated at all times, especially when your skin is burnt by the sun.

Well, there’s a few tips on what to do with sunburns.

See you around and stay healthy.

sunburned skin2

The importance of pampering yourself with an occasional spa day

Women are widely known as being poor self nurturers. We give and give until there’s nothing left, and once we snap, all hell breaks loose. This can easily be avoided by simply dedicating a few hours a week to nurturing yourself properly.

Doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you thoroughly enjoy it. For some it’s a simple relaxing massage, for others it’s just a few hours spent in casual shopping, or having a coffee with some friends. Whatever it is, the basic truth is that we, as people need to release some pressure once in a while.

Modern times offer us with nothing but stressful activities and we tend to loose ourselves chasing for money, better job opportunities, family, kids… All those things that society tells us we should want. Somewhere along the way though, we start loosing focus, and we spend too much of ourselves without any of it coming back in one way or another. That’s why you should have a few moments a week that will be just yours and dedicated only to your enjoyment and relaxation.

spa day2

If you continue doing what you’ve been doing so far, there will just be more stress in your life, and less and less of joy and abundance. We basically need a short respite from literally everything in our lives, no matter how much we might care for the said parts of our existence. That includes even our families, our spouses, and our children. It’s not a bad thing, and you don’t have to feel dreadfully because you’re starting to realize that you would really appreciate a few moments a week that are just your own. Where there’s nothing but you and a complete surrounding of utter relaxation. You’re not a bad person for wanting a little time for yourself, and you must keep on repeating that to yourself at all times.

Taking a bit of care of ourselves is more than essential for our wellbeing. Whether we’re talking spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, it’s all just a bunch of building blocks that make us what we are. And in turn, we will be better towards ones we love if we ourselves are happy and complete persons.

If we feel good about ourselves, we’ll have a better attitude towards life, we’ll enjoy our families more, we’ll do our daily battles at work with far more spirit, and overall be happier people.  Relaxation, refreshment, and rejuvenation is all that makes us super charged with power and sheer will to tackle what the world has to offer every single morning.

spa day3

The other side of the story is the fact that we work very hard every day. If you don’t take a few moments for yourself once in a while, you’ll start getting that terrible feeling that your life is all work and no rewards whatsoever. Just sacrifices and no payoffs. You’ll in turn start resenting all the people around you, which really starts being horrible when it happens with the people you love the most.

So, take you personal time, enjoy yourself, and be as happy as you can possibly be.


Most popular wedding hair styles

wedding hair stylesWeddings are always such glorious occasions for everybody involved. Whether you’re the bride, the bridesmaid, or simply a female guest, your hairstyle for that night is one of the most important things you can bring with yourself once you leave home.

I know there’s a lot of stressful decisions to be made at that time, especially if you’re the bride, so thinking about your hairstyle for the evening just piles on top of a hill that’s already too large. That’s why I’m here, to give you a couple of excellent suggestions, straight out of lives of famous people. You’ll need all the help you can get at that point, and giving you some examples all packed together inside of an article can only be of service.

Your hair will mostly depend on your choice of attire for the occasion, but I’ll try my best to give you some general examples, which will go great with pretty much anything you decide to wear. Not to mention the fact that I follow all the trendy stuff, so you’ll know your hairstyle will be hot at the moment. I’m about to give you the look of a movie star for your special event.

Now, with all that being said, the word count for this article is quite limited, so let’s waste no more words on introductory stuff, but on things that really matter.

Here are my suggestions

Ok, I’ve seen a beautiful hairstyle worn by Emmy Rossum at one occasion. It was style that simply radiated polished elegance and class. She wore a braided chignon topped with a beautiful tiara. It looked positively majestic to behold. Her hairstylist told us in his interview about the facts of pulling off and getting away with a crown in 21st century. He told us that it was all about the slickness of the look; it was this factor that kept the style looking more contemporary and elegant. The overall look had to be kept as kempt and clean as possible; otherwise we would be getting the pageant-appearance, or a prom queen look. E also said that the shape of the star headpiece must be strictly followed.

wedding hair styles2Alexa Chung showed us the flattering amount of romance, softness, and fresh flowers added to the wedding mix. I was personally always a huge fan of fresh flowers imbedded into a hairstyle since it awakens that feeling of wonder, wilderness, and care freeness deep down inside. Her charming flower crown was paired with some stunning ombre waves, imparting a bohemian, youthful vibe, which is more than perfect for your laid-back, relaxed wedding. Top of the hair would have to be slightly backcombed in order for the flower crown to remain in place. Teasing will grant a substantial amount of grip to the bobby pins, and will help greatly with anchoring the flower crown to the bride’s head.

Amanda Seyfried has shown us a great hairstyle if you’re considering making your wedding into a black tie event. Regal updo such as this is one of the most obvious choices for these kinds of occasions. This updo was sculpted by Renato Campora, and he told us that it was the best thing he could come up with for matching her ornate gown’s unabashed drama. Flawlessly braided bun was coiled around, and reached more than epic proportions (with the certain amount of extensions). Base that was slicked back was the key here, he said. Clean and slick ponytail is of the essence since it’s technically a foundation upon which the entire style was based. It is a look that no queen on this world would be ashamed of, so if your wedding is shaping up to be a pretty official event, you’ll be more than well-off with this hairstyle masterpiece.

Jennifer Behr has showed us lose and textured top knot, featuring some beautiful bangs and a glitzy broach. This hairdo looks amazing, while still emanating that less contrived and effortless feel. Sideswept bangs were essential for getting away with a pretty sizeable ornament. They also have another role, and that was making the overall look appear more youthful.

Well, these would be my suggestions for your big day. I wasn’t trying to make it simple or anything, especially since you deserve the best look imaginable. Enjoy.

What models of hair straighteners do professionals choose?

Do you want to style your hair like a professional? Do you want that salon quality finish under you fingertips? Well, you’ll need to read this little guide first.

The greatest secret of every master is in his tools, and I’m about to reveal what hair straighteners professionals really like and trust.

models of hair straighteners

If you’re into ceramic flat irons…

Ceramic plates are generally the most popular choices today. They are pretty inexpensive, and they do the job pretty well. They even manage to straighten the hair perfectly with the lower temperature settings.

Let’s see some of the actual products you might want in your collection (wink, wink):

  • Bio Ionic One Pass – This is somewhat of a revolutionary hair iron, which is fully operational after just 5 seconds. You’ll never have to wait again to begin styling your hair. You’re also bound to find the perfect temperature that works with your hair type since this little gem has them so many
  • Remington S9500 – Wide plates and the technology for frizz reduction is what keeps us coming back to this little guy always wanting for more. The plates are also infused with pearls, for the luxurious and nourishing touch to the whole thing
  • Paul Mitchell Protools – Known also for its fast heating up, but also for its fast styling. This flat iron really is faster than its competition, and it works on saving your time for something else

Titanium for the win

Titanium is top of the line. No wonder the professionals are overwhelmingly using it. It costs a bit more than your average ceramic flat iron, but it’s totally worth it. It heats up super fast, distributes that heat evenly, and it’s also very lightweight.

So, let’s go over some of the best titanium hair irons:

  • BaByliss PRO Nano – This is the biggest hit among BaByliss’s offerings. It’s also among the best titanium hair irons the market currently has to offer. Very easy to use, so it’s used both by professionals and beginners. Top of the line
  • Izunami KTX 450 – This hair iron comes equipped with extraordinary titanium plates, alluring design, and the temperature dial. That’s right; no predetermined heat settings will hold you down no more. Just dial in the temperature you need, and let this magnificent piece of technology do the rest for you
  • TS2–Millennium – It draws you in with its unique design and shape, but it will keep you around with its rapid heat-up feature and super-smooth plates made of pure titanium. It will also approach the hair around your ears and closer to the scalp due to its special shape, something most of the famous hair irons can not really do effectively. It also features various heat settings, as to be adaptable to every hair type out there
models of hair straighteners 1

models of hair straighteners 1

Well, I hope I was of some assistance. It is not at all difficult to style your hair like a pro, now that you know what tools of the trade they’re actually using.

See ya and have fun. 

Things to Look For When Purchasing a Hair Straightener

A woman’s hair is one of their most fancied treasures. Every woman wants to look their best and what better way to achieve this than to style up their hair. A hair straightener is perhaps one of the best investments for women who need to straighten their hair. It does not matter whether you are having frizzy, unruly or curly hair, the trick to getting this straighten is by using a flat iron. These tools are designed with plates which heat up to iron out the kink in your hair. As the heated plate glides along your hair strands, it straightens the hair follicles to leave you looking sleek and glossy.

These hair straighteners come with their own risk factors. That can explain why it is highly recommended to use a good quality straightener in order to reduce the risks. In addition to the hair straighteners you also need to use other heat protection products to help you further decrease the risk. When shopping for agood quality hair straightener, make sure you look out for the following features:

a) The material used for the plate

When it comes to selecting the ideal hair straightener, perhaps the most important feature to consider in one is the plate type. The material used for the plate will determine the heating spun among other things of your hair straightener. The different kinds of materials used in a hair straightener include: ceramic coated, titanium, tourmaline or a combination of the previous two with ceramic. The ceramic plates are the most common types while those with titanium and tourmaline are the most expensive. However, they give the best results.

b) Temperature adjustment

The fact that not every hair straightener functions the same means that you need to consider this feature keenly before opting for one. For example, if your hair is somehow damaged, very fine or color treated you need a hair straightener with probably lower temperatures settings (180º C). This will prevent you from damaging your hair by burning it. On the other hand, if say you have thick hair or very curly hair you’ll need one with higher temperature adjustments say between (190 and 210 º C).
c) The size of the straightener

Women with short hair are best advised to go for straighteners with a narrower iron while those with long hair can opt for straightener with say 1”-1.5”. Besides having short hair, the narrow hair straighteners are also very effective for women who already have straight hair and are merely using the iron to create shining hair.

d) Heat up time

This is the defined as the duration taken by the hair straightener to heat up to the desired temperature. It is mostly determined by the plate type. Good quality straighteners tend to have a fast heat up time than the others. Therefore if you are looking to speed up your hair straightening process, you may want to consider hair straighteners that heat up very quickly.